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K & Co Bagged

Where Nature and Style Comes Together


What we do

We import a wide range of canvas, leather and hair-on hand made handbags.

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Every Bag Is Truly Handcrafted With Spirit Of Vintage, Ethnic And Bold Look.Here at K & Co Bagged, all of our products are made from the best leather and hides available. Our bags are not only the highest quality, but also come in a variety of options to ensure you’ll find what you need.


Our bags are handcrafted.

Vegetable Tanning

Only Natural Vegetable Tanning Processes Used.

Upcycled Canvas

We use reclaimed canvas.

Nature Friendly

We use nature friendly materials.

High Quality

Our bags are of a high quality.


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I first saw these beautiful bags in the USA while on vacation. I instantly fell in love with the style. I also felt that they’re too beautiful not to share with the ladies in South Africa. Upon my arrival back home I did research on Nguni skin handbags only to discover that they’re expensive and hard to find. This prompted me to import them to make them more accessible to the women in South Africa. And that’s how K & Co Bagged was born.

Client Testimonials

“Ek love my handsak, dit lyk fantasties!.”

Lisa Wessels

“My wife loves the gift I bought her, thank you”

Kirby Sykes

“Great product, great service. Five star rating”

Irene De Villiers

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Durbanville Market

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